Ox Glow Collection

The Ox Glow Difference

Did you know the fatty acids in cows have nearly identical molecular makeup to those found in the protective outer layer of human skin cells?

This makes Hapa Glow Co's Ox Glow Collection uniquely skin compatible. The biological makeup allows the tallow to absorb easily into the skin.

Ox Glow products improve the protective barrier function of the skin, prevent moisture loss, and regenerate the appearance of healthy, glowing, supple, youthful skin. Tallow carries skin nurturing vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12. These are like a superfood for the skin and are only naturally found together in humans and animals.

This animal by-product would otherwise be discarded at the time of butchering but is repurposed in Hapa Glow Co products as a beautifully natural, nourishing ingredient.


Full Explanation of Main Ingredients See EO Index for Essential Oils

Organic Grass-fed Beef Tallow: This ingredient starts as suet from a grass-fed, pastured cow. It chills for several hours in the deep freezer, then it is heated at 200º for 24 hours. The suet is strained and filtered, which is then called tallow. Found in: all Ox Glow products

Imported Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: I hand-picked this olive oil from an olive company in a small neighborhood in Athens, Greece. For centuries, extra virgin olive oil has been used topically because of its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties. Found in: all Ox Glow products 

Imported Organic Pure Greek Chios Mastic/Mastiha: I learned about mastic while in Greece from an employee at a small gelato shop in Mykonos. Mastic is sap harvested from the tree called pistacia lentiscus, one that only exists on the Greek Island of Chios. The sap is collected and sundried into pieces of brittle, translucent resin. It contains antioxidants and has antibacterial and antifungal properties and has many uses in foods, medicines, and the preparation of various ointments for skin disorders and afflictions. Found in: all Ox Glow products

Organic Pure Castor Oil: Castor oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties, making it helpful in serious skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, styes, and a number of others. It has a unique ability to penetrate into the skin and boost production of collagen, which softens, hydrates, and improves the elasticity of the skin. Found in: Acne Fighter, Ox Tundra


It's very important to me that I use all organic and natural ingredients. After spending all day with makeup, dirt, and enduring environmental damage, your face deserves to spend the night getting repaired and nourished with the most deluxe products.


The beef tallow is from a supplier that obtains all suet from members of the Organic Valley Farmers Co-op that produce only Certified Organic Livestock, raised without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticide exposure. They are seasonally grazed and not given feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). Organic Valley Co-op Farms are 3rd party Certified Organic and follow federal guidelines. The livestock processor used is Animal Welfare Certified. All tallow is rendered from grain-free stock.