About The Brand


The Beginnings

Hi! I'm Chaney. I have always been passionate about skin care and I am so excited to share my passion with you.

Throughout my childhood and into adulthood, I suffered tremendously with eczema. My hands, neck, elbows, inside of my arms, backs of my legs. I remember not being able to grip the monkey bars in 3rd grade because the skin on my knuckles would crack and bleed. I remember never wearing my hair up in high school because of the flaky patches on my neck. I remember my cheeks covered in splotches and acne after I delivered my baby. 

Every single product I tried would sit on the surface and leave my skin greasy to the touch. My husband has suffered from scalp psoriasis, oily skin, and acne for most of his life. He's tried nearly every scalp treatment on the planet and even spent years on accutane to control the acne.

My mom, who I often refer to playfully as the Witch Doctor, taught me about tallow and how it was used for hundreds of years before industrialization. It only took one use and our lives were changed forever!

In late 2018, I decided to share the recipe and process of how I make my own organic, all natural moisturizer through an Instagram Story on my personal account. I expected to get a few messages asking for more directions about the process and recipe, but I was shocked at the overwhelming response asking to purchase it instead. It's been a real quick whirlwind so far and I'm so glad you're along for the ride!


About the Name

Growing up moving all over the continental US and being of mixed heritage, I had a hard time figuring out my identity. I never knew anyone at school that looked like me and I always found myself critiquing what I saw in the mirror, wishing I had bigger eyes, slimmer face, thicker eyebrows, curlier eyelashes, skin without freckles. I longed to never be asked, "What are you?" ever again.

I moved to Hawaii after high school and a girl told me, "You are so lucky! Your skin has that hapa glow." It hit me like a ton of bricks: I'm lucky! From that moment, I found a new interest in embracing myself, my mixed heritage, my skin, my hair, and everything unique to my personal identity.

hapa [hah-puh] : a Hawaiian word that translates to “half” or “mix”. It is used to describe a person of mixed ethnic heritage from the Pacific Islands and/or Asia. 


I don't think glowing is reserved for a certain type of people. I have spent years creating the perfect organic, all natural skin care that gives everyone that natural hapa glow.